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Free for everyone, individuals and teams

Ready made Build Env. with Unlimited Builds

Builds on powerful cloud nodes tapping parallelization. Supports Java, Kotlin, React Native and Flutter

Distributed Caching on All Branches

Reuse gradle build tasks and artifacts even in your first build, if it was historically built by anyone on Dashwave.

Build, Emulation and Productivity Analytics

Analyse build performance and dev productivity with Builds ROI stats, cache utilisation metrics

Unlimited Emulation

Preview builds on emulators running in the cloud, streamed to your browsers instantly. Toggle between Android OS versions and devices, emulation logs and crash analytics (crashlytics)

Wireless Debugging and Attach Android Debugger

Run the built app on real Android devices by securely connecting your phone to Dashwave’s network and perform wireless debugging

Emulation Collaboration

Share preview with team stakeholders for feedbacks or demos and add comments with screenshots just like you do in Figma

*3 Concurrent Emulation Sessions on a Project


Build Sharing and Collaboration

Run dry builds on your colleagues’ PRs/branches, preview apps for instant code reviews, test without local branch checkouts while retaining your local build cache


Custom Workflows

Attach Dashwave’s build engine capabilities to any phase of your development, be it local dev/debug builds or CI release/staging builds


Test Automation

Automate preview tasks like app navigations or button clicks which you would do in every build

*If you would like to increase your limits, please reach us out on our community channel on Discord

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