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Build Tool for Fast and Collaborative Android Dev.

Make faster builds using a remote build engine on distributed caching and a shareable emulation suite for rapid, collaborative and productive development


Android build tool designed not just forFast Builds but,Rapid,Collaborative and,Productive Development,to foster a more joyful Developer Experience

Summary Background
Run local builds

Run Local Builds Using Remote Build Engine

Build only what matters!

Dashwave speeds up building, making it fun and creative. Developers can construct more, experiment, and innovate without worrying about long builds.


3x to 10x

Reduction in build times


Time saved per developer
Code Locally; Build on Cloud

Send local APK builds to Dashwave's cloud using Dashwave CLI and code independently, free from local hardware constraints.

Distributed Cache Across Teams

Use cache artefacts generated across your team globally; save valuable time on building tasks which are already processed.

Seamless Emulation

Experience lag-free, on-the-go testing with bare metal emulators, eliminating local hardware constraints. Build and test simultaneously!

Boost Productivity with Rapid Builds

Build more with faster builds and emulation, so you can test more and hence reducing failure rates when ready for CI.

Attach Android Debugger

Setup our Android Studio Plugin and attach debugger while you continue to build your local builds on cloud.",

Wirelessly Debug your App

Connect our build engines with your real devices; build on DW cloud while it launches on your real device

Run local builds

Communicate and Report Fixes on Collaborative Emulators

Don’t wait for feedback!

Upto 1-3 hours/day

Savings on long feedback loops

Distribute build emulations as links for immediate collaboration and feedback, reducing feedback time and enhancing the productivity of the entire product team.

Share Emulations as Links

Create links of build emulations that you can share with your dev, product, and design teams to get immediate feedback.

Report Snags in Realtime

Comment on shared emulations, track snags with Jira, and keep details like logs, screenshots, and recordings for issue reproduction.

One Link. Multiple Variants and Testers

Link multiple APK variants to one emulation, allowing testing of different versions by multiple testers without individually sharing APKs

Save Delays on long Feedback Loops

Increase team collaboration and hence speedup feedback loops to minimise resolution time for snags.

How it works?
Configure your project on Dashwave
Initialize DW CLI on Local
Fire builds and emulate them on Dashwave

Code Asynchronously

Code locally and asynchronously while Dashwave builds and emulates your APK. Debug faster and more efficiently.

Cross-functional collaboration

Increase collaboration with shareable emulators, get quick feedback from Dev, Design, and PM. Test designs and flows effectively for better results.

Save Time. Ship Faster

With increased development speed and collaboration ship more! Reduce time to value with increased team efficiency and productivity.



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