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Collaborative emulators

Communicate and Report Fixes on Collaborative Emulators

Don’t wait for feedback!

Upto 1-3 hours/day

Savings on long feedback loops

Distribute build emulations as links for immediate collaboration and feedback, reducing feedback time and enhancing the productivity of the entire product team.

Share Emulations as Links

Create links of build emulations that you can share with your dev, product, and design teams to get immediate feedback.

Report Snags in Realtime

Comment on shared emulations, track snags with Jira, and keep details like logs, screenshots, and recordings for issue reproduction.

One Link. Multiple Variants and Testers

Link multiple APK variants to one emulation, allowing testing of different versions by multiple testers without individually sharing APKs

Save Delays on long Feedback Loops

Increase team collaboration and hence speedup feedback loops to minimise resolution time for snags.