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One Click - Ready to Code Workspaces

Get fresh, pre-cached and pre-built android dev environments, every branch or commit with a running emulator and preset debuggers

Supports Android Studio, VSCode, Kotlin/Dart Debugger and Flipper

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Boot Dev Environment in Seconds 🔥

Save time on context Environment and rapid bug resolution


Prebuilt Environments

Get fresh, pre-cached and pre-built android dev environments, supporting Android Studio and VSCode for every branch or commit with a running emulator and preset debuggers

Rapid Prototyping

Rapidly prototype on libraries and SDKs without wasting time on local setup

Rapid bug resolution

Get to the bug context asap, reproduce it and resolve it with immediate output on pre-cached build environments to prevent checkout and cache invalidation hassles and substantially reduce MTTR


Integrated Debugging Tools

Get the important dev and debugging tools like the Android Debugger, Dart Debugger and Flipper pre-configured in dev environments

Faster PR reviews

Review and address feedback on PRs on ephemeral environments right within the browser

Ready to Integrate - Setup in 5 minutes!

Integrated seamlessly with


To create local builds on cloud download our Jetbrains plugin


Dashwave Cloud Build

This plugin provides direct access to Dashwave's cloud build engines


Cloud Secure

Your Data Security, Our Top Priority

Dashwave cloud uses best in class security principles to ensure that your data is shielded. Enterprise users can benefit from self-hosted secure installation of Dashwave in their own cloud or on-prem.

Data Encryption in Transit and Rest

Industry-standard encryption protocols to protect our users' data in transit and rest

Access Control

Enable selective and authorised access to code, builds and emulation

Regular Backups

Regular backups and recovery on demand for data


Supercharge your development with Dashwave