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Trigger DW Builds via Git Hooks

App Setup on Github

Dashwave github app is required for catching the github events. Please ensure that the app is setup on the configured project’s repository.

  • Go to app’s link , then click on configure and then choose the account/org the repository is part of

Screenshot from 2024-02-01 13-23-21.png

  • Select the repositories for which app would need to collect events.

Screenshot from 2024-02-01 13-21-25.png

Dashwave Automated build Project

  • Go to to create a new Automated-build project. You can also add members to your Automated-build project by entering their emails ids. (These will receive project access invitation on their respective emails) Note: Role Based Access Control will come in upcoming releases.

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  • After the project is configured, triggers can be added for the same on which you want to initiate a build. Note: Dashwave support a signgle workflow as of now, more will be added in upcoming releases.

Screenshot from 2024-02-01 13-51-40.png

  • After the trigger is hit at github repository, dashwave will automatically initiate a build and show it in the builds section.

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