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Organizational Prerequisites

(You must sign up using your Github account which is a member of your GitHub org to be able to avail project onboarding capabilities)

If you are onboarding an organizational repository (private Github repository that belongs to your Github organization), you will need your Org Admin’s approval to allow Dashwave to connect to private repositories.

There are namely two methods:

1. Your Org Admin approves Dashwave’s Oauth App on GitHub:

  • If any member of your organization signs up on Dashwave, the Org Admin gets an approval request under GitHub Org > Settings > Third-party Access > Oauth application policy. You can find more details here: Approving OAuth apps for your organization - GitHub Docs
  • Approve Dashwave’s request. After approval, it should look like this (among other oauth apps)

Github Setting Oauth Application Policy

2. Your Org Admin signs up for Dashwave:

  • When the org admin signs up for Dashwave using the GitHub Oauth, they can select which organizations (of which they are admin) Dashwave should have access to.
  • The org admin can select the intended Github organization, and review the access scopes that Dashwave is asking for.
  • From hereafter, any member of the organization who signs up on Dashwave will have access to the org’s private repositories.

There can be scenarios where hardened access controls can make it difficult to onboard your project on Dashwave. The team is always there to help you smoothly onboard. Please reach us at: or join our Discord Community


Enabling third-party access via OAuth app

If OAuth app restrictions are enabled, it can limit data access to 3rd party applications like Dashwave. To allow it, find more details here: Restricting Access to your Organization's data